The Defining Art Of DAS Food & Beverage

The aim of blending tea is to create a well balanced flavor using different origins and characters. This also ensures that variation in quality and from season to season can be ironed out. The one golden rule of blending is this: Every blend must taste the same as the previous one, so a consumer will not be able to detect a difference in flavor.

Blending tea is an art of the highest degree. With factors such as weather, altitude, moisture, soil and season each contributing to a tea’s characteristics, the importance of the blender’s art is inestimable. The bigger challenge is to maintain consistency. we are masters in the art of blending tea to match your taste, and guarantee a consistent flavor and strength in every cup. We have a team of highly trained Tea Tasters who are skilled in the art and science of the subject, with an average of more than 10 years of experience in the field. They ensure not only the consistency of our product blends, but also the quality of every packet, and that the flavor of our blended tea exceeds the expectation of our customers.

Teas That Tease Every Taste 

Consumer tastes are wide, and our range of teas is wider than what the connoisseurs of the drink can imagine. With our product portfolio of multiple brands and sub-brands, we are here with a bagful of beverages that would flavour the world from variety of tea packets.