Das Food and Beverage is one of the best company in Maharashtra. For in that year,Das Food and Beverage Tea was born, with a promise – To foster excellence in each Cup.Four years on, we continue to live up to our promise.Das Food and Beverage is a blend CTC all tea products with best quality leaves, processed in the unique Das Food and Beverage Tea Excellence Centre. All the Tea products of Das Food and Beverage is all about coming together over a warm cup of tea with everyone around. The taste of Team tea helps you spread warmth and cheer in your family. Das Food and Beverage company stands for making the world a more welcoming place. The name ” Das Food & Beverage” symbolizes the co-existence of one and all creating long lasting relationships in society by dissolving differences over a good Das Food Products. We serve best quality of Products consistently throughout the year to one and all. In other words, Das Food & Beverage stands for relationship and harmony. Das Food & Beverage is a unique company, with a proud history and a bright future.